To new beginnings...

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Hello Friend!  Thank you for being here.  I won’t lie.  Last year was really rough.  When my second dog Francesca passed, I stopped designing.  I LOVE my little curio shop, but I was broken.  My heart was not in it.  A friend one day asked me to share how I even got into jewelry.

Frankly it was an accident.  I strayed from the family business of Medicine and somehow managed to land a corporate gig in NYC at Tiffany’s.  For nine years I learned and absorbed jewelry into my bones.  Thereafter I moved onto Kate Spade and headed their newly emerging fashion jewelry line.  I never intended to create a line of my own.  That was never my dream.  For us late bloomers, sometimes the only choice we have is following the white rabbit.

twig & thorn started the week my dog Toby got sick.  I laid next to her in bed knowing that I was losing her.  I was not happy with my corporate life and knew without her I would be even more unhappy.  Toby gave me the courage to shift and reexamine myself.  I surrounded her with healing rocks as a last ditch effort and in a swift breath the idea came to me- Duh, why don’t you make jewelry with the stones than lug them around in a pouch?  

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So that’s how the long and winding road started for me.  It’s been filled with joy and bliss, bumps and scrapes.  But as I now reflect with my loss of Francesca, I am reminded of my brand’s vision.  Life is full of pricklies and roughen patches.  It’s here where we find our true raw beauty.  Our courage.  The courage to be perfectly imperfect and journey on.  This is twig & thorn.  This is my why.

I miss my girls.  But when I look at what I’ve created, I see them and the impact they made in my life.  They taught me what makes a good stick a good stick.  Why fungus is beautiful.  And that there’s a world of beauty beyond roses, hearts, and butterflies.  The shop today embodies all things wonderfully curious to remind us who we are.  Sometimes recalling our why prompts us to dust off and start anew.

So today if your heart gnaws with self-doubts and you can’t remember your Why, take a stroll outside.  Cut out the noise, the inner chatter.  For me it just works to move outside of myself and into the wholeness of what’s happening all around.  Beauty is everywhere.  Nothing is incidental, including your imperfections.  So celebrate ALL of you.  Every.  Hidden.  Part.  Be encouraged.  Be your own curio.  Keep going.


|  This post is dedicated to everyone who set sail in search of new beginnings later in life. |