The night before Christmas (sneak peek)

Happy Holidays my friends.  This time of year is super magical. 
Twinkling lights.  Swirling scent of pine in the crisp air.  Hot coco with jumbo marshmallows. 
The festivities are underway.

Our newest collection is getting ready to ring in the new year! 
And in preparation for it, we relaunched our website (let us know what you think!).
Sprinkling some more of the magic, we wanted to pull back the curtain and give you a swirl of sneak peeks: 

2017-05-16 16.36.16 copy.jpg
2017-05-09 13.32.44 copy.jpg


Ripe berry colors are joining the curio shoppe- rhodolite, tanzanite, sunstone, violet sapphire, strawberry lepidocrocite…
Love is a big theme.  Are you getting excited like we are?  

Inspired by nature's delicate designs & powerful patterns, our collections have been divinely purposed for women like you who resonate with beauty in the rough.  We embrace ourselves as unique curios, perfectly imperfect.  There’s beautiful strength when you shift your perception to all that is around you and breathing through you.   


Our jewelry is the perfect gift filled with meaning.  Now until January, all orders will have complimentary holiday gift wrap.  And as always with every purchase, 10% is donated to animal rescues and organizations.  Thank you for believing in small businesses to help spread Holiday Fa la la la Cheer.  We appreciate you shopping with us and supporting magic in our lives!  From our families to yours, we wish you an incredible season of warmth and love. 

Do you have a friend that may just need a little extra light in her world?  Please share this blog with her!
I would be so honored...xoxo


Merry Holidays, Lulu