I love how it comes in the thick of winterfest.  Like a shot of cupid’s warmth in your cup of joe. 
I get why some peeps don’t care for Valentines.  From the out, it certainly sets the predictable stage of romantic pairs walking about,
encouraging the loveless to just stay indoors. 


I take a different approach.  Regardless of situation, one of my rituals is writing a love letter. 
There’s something about welcoming more love in by sending love out.

This year my Ode is to NYC.  It is my heart.  It is my home.  It’s where I learned most about my true self.
While I can’t say I’m a native born & raised, NYC and I have had a tremendous love affair, spanning decades. 
It’s deep and it’s real.


New York. 
You are the only place that allows me to breathe free. 
I feel your creative pulse that runs the entire city.  You feed my soul.
I love how an empty subway car does not mean SCORE! a free seat,
but usually no air conditioning or a homeless folk was just there. 



True, NYC is not everyone’s cup of tea. 
For me it’s the greatest city on earth.  There’s a seat for EVERYONE.  Seriously.


So shift your love celebration this Valentines.  Expand on it.
What are you passionate about?  What moves you? 
Love is not about exclusion.  Love is actually everywhere.  It’s what you decide your heart to focus on.
Stay in love.  Tap into what strengthens you.  Love is universal.


lulu of twig & thorn

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