Glass Container

The other day I was scribbling in my planner and my heart dropped.  Some unkind thoughts started flooding in:
“This year is already flying fast.  I’m not moving fast enough. Why are you like this?” 

Can you relate?

It’s sooo super easy to be hard on ourselves.  But it takes some serious discipline to practice self love. 
As a solopreneur who doesn't know everything, I definitely spend a great deal of time breathing deep to let these disempowering thoughts flutter away.  This is a critical life skill for each of us, especially when you have a dream. 

Dreams are super fragile.  We have to be fearless in protecting them. 
Sometimes friends and family cannot make that bold stretch with you.  And that’s ok. 
You are the key to fan your inner flame and keep going.  You are what gives it life.  We each have a story to live and tell.



Part of our human experience is to move forward, to be the container for what is sacredly placed within.  There will be ups & downs. 
Times where you feel the container is glass, ready to shatter (sometimes at the hand of others… sometimes to the notorious me, myself, & i).

Yup, I get those moments.  Sometimes our inner voice is the one that does the most damage. 
But be gentle with yourself.  It’s the only way to move through that energy.  Love yourself.  Celebrate every single win that comes your way.  
Learn this over & over.  Rinse, repeat.

To keep your dreams alive, be relentless.  Keep them safe.  Be extra selective with who you share them with. 
What you hold is so very precious.  Realize that with all your heart and soul.  Be this for your dreams.  

Hands down, I'm a work in progress.  Next time I’m jotting something in my planner and mean thoughts pop up, I'll catch myself, take a deep breath and reconnect.

You're exactly where you are meant to be.  With a story perfectly tailored to you.  You have purpose and a place here.  So give yourself the love and elbow room to do what you came here to do in this lifetime.  Practicing self love along the way just helps get you there. 

Connect to Nature and feel what is possible. 
Connect with our divinely infused curios and remember.