Spring On

I don’t know about you but I’m super excited.  Spring is underway!!!  Can you smell the fresh flowers?   
There’s something awe inspiring when you see the Earth thaw and greens burst forth.

It’s a reminder of a new season.  Winds of change.  What will they carry?

To celebrate, here are my top 5 picks for Spring.  Each is a beloved curio, complete with a behind the scenes story on how each burst forth.

2017-07-20 18.50.19 copy2.jpeg

silverite lily pad gold earrings

This one took a while to come together.  The lily pad cups were finished first but I couldn't decide on the nestling stone for a LONG time.  The design process is sometimes like that.  My eyes finally came across the silverite drops and immediately I knew.  The distinct shape of our double cupped lily pad makes for a striking glow framing the face.  Mix in the gentle twinkle of silverite... an ethereal match.


clover gold bracelet

The little girl in me had to create this.  I remember when I was a child roaming in parks for 4 leaf clovers and making flower chains, though I was terrible at making them.  This gleaming petite chain of clovers add instant personality and a touch of nostalgia.  Perfect for layering with other treasure troves. 

2014-05-01 11.24.48 copy.jpg
2014-10-04 13.40.40.jpg

flora fauna gold pendant

This was inspired by a still life photographer who captured antler sheds with lusciously arranged peonies.  I knew I wanted to evoke the same overflowing feel of abundance.  Originally dubbed the "antler pendant" it later changed to the Flora Fauna to match the energy of the Forest.  With beautifully unexpected details, the pendant layers long and with style.


violet sapphire rondelle silk gold necklace

This is the kind of necklace you’ll want to put on that brings elegantly understated and distinctively unique together.  I am influenced by textile art and wanted this necklace to delicately add a frayed, raw quality.  Tonally matched silk thread ends effortlessly bring in texture to your personal space and a hint of chic vulnerability.

2014-09-30 14.35.31 copy.jpg

amethyst twig gold bobby pin set

Casted from actual twigs, this bobby pin set was the first in our hair jewelry series.  Blushed with genuine amethysts to honor our crown chakra, they bloom as new spring berries.  These mismatched twigs look wonderful as a single pin or bunched together.  Some of our customers have used them as lapel or chest pocket pins!


So what do you think?  Which 5 pieces would you pull together for your own fresh Spring look? 
Let your little jewelry curio shop support you in being perfectly imperfect and embracing exactly who you are.

Booyah.  Spring on.