Now just bloom

I often get asked how do designers design.  What is “the Process”?
Truthfully, this question took me a long while to even feel worthy to answer.  Sound strange?

Designed from the ground up, twig & thorn is entirely my soul creation.  BUT here's the thing, I did this without any formal schooling for design.


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rutilated quartz pine earrings- 1st photography attempts

rutilated quartz pine earrings- 1st photography attempts

twig & thorn ID bracelet- humble beginnings of first collection

twig & thorn ID bracelet- humble beginnings of first collection



Even though a jewelry line was never my dream, my corporate career had me watching “the Process” for years.  I didn’t realize what I was absorbing on a subconscious level.  My aesthetic preferences and eye for details grew as I became more involved in shaping different designs.  Silently I was strengthening my own intuitive sensibilities.

Come time to launch my line, I still hadn’t yet described myself as a designer.  It’s easy to go into comparison mode when you’re putting your work out there.  I mean it is a reflection of you.  In my mind I felt if my line tanks then that’s ok because I was never trained as a designer! 
I was hiding and not ready to take a seat at the table.

But as I have met so many creatives along the way, what you went to school for and where life takes you… all IRRELEVANT.

We learn and take in everything all around us, at all times.  On a subconscious level we’re taking in what we like, what we don’t like. 
You’re learning every moment of every day.  Your body, your mind stores this all.  It’s just in order to access it, you have to be still and listen.  

We all are creators.  We all have something that is uniquely inside of us.  Sure we overlap with others here and there. 
But there will never be someone whose inside is identical to you. 

twig & thorn today

twig & thorn today



So shine baby shine.  The pool of talent is huge and widely diverse.  Don’t be hesitant about taking up space at the table.  Your soul, your expression is all good and all valid.  We all have insecurities.  Remember that’s what makes us so incredibly human.  We are wired to connect. 
And at the soul level we all are here to keep learning and keep creating.  

I’m lulu and I’m the designer behind twig & thorn.  What are you creating today?  Tell me your design process.