Family Legacy

I grew up loving animals.  Like any kid, I wanted a dog so badly, but my father wouldn’t allow it. I prayed and prayed, but my dog didn’t come until I set forth to grad school.  Francesca.  My first baby.  My parents’ first granddaughter.  Two years later came Toby, and my heart just sang when I watched Francesca welcome Toby as her very own pet.  These girls were my light and joy.  They were my children, as real and loving as anybody’s human form.  This was my family.

Animals express themselves differently than we do.  While we share recognizable thoughts ("you gimme dat treat"), there is so much to them we could take a cue from.  They live in the now.  They forgive.  The past does not define them.  They see us at our worst and still see the best in us.  They read our energies and all our vulnerabilities.  They don’t judge.  They just love love love.  Unconditionally. 


Our relationship with them is deep and undeniable.  They look to us to be their voice.  Our hand is in everything, so it falls on us to protect them.  This is why 10% of our proceeds go to animal rescues and sanctuaries.  Dogs, cats, horses, elephants, cows, polar bears…. ALL of them.  In the same vein of finding raw beauty in all things, we are passionate about animals having another chance to be seen, loved, and to love.  

It’s the best legacy I can give to my girls. I am so very blessed and thankful.  They have given me so much.  They are part of who I am.  And they continue to shape where I am going. 


With thoughts of gratitude, harvest, and family rapidly coming upon us, expand your heart.  Recognize that families don’t always come in obvious forms.  It’s not about how big it is and who is in the circle.  Only that there is love running through it.  It's about the family you chose.  Love is love.  And the furry kind is pretty darn good. 

So thank you for believing in goods that do good.  Comment below to let me know some of your favorite animal organizations and why they resonate with you.  I’d love to hear them and grow my list of good works.  In the spirit of abundance and blessings, may you and your family have a heartfelt thanksgiving season filled with love, gratitude, and sloppy wet kisses.