raspberry rhodolite Spanish AMOR cord gold bracelet

raspberry rhodolite Spanish AMOR cord gold bracelet


LOVE Bracelet Series.  Be drawn into your own secret morse code message of LOVE as you slide the beads to form the word in Spanish on this cord bracelet.  AMOR.  Love is universal.

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  • Widest bracelet circumference, apprx 7.5in.  Measure intended hand to ensure proper fitting over hand.
  • Raspberry rhodolite round beads, 2.5mm
  • Gold fill beads + red nylon cord to prevent stretch 
  • With Purpose: 10% will be given to support animal charities, rescues, & sanctuaries.


Your curio piece will arrive ticked & tied as a sweet little package, complete with Pouch & Care Card.  When not in use, please store carefully & lovingly in pouch.  May these be a distinctive, heartfelt gift to yourself or someone dear.

Have fun layering in additional styles and colors, all while you learn about the gems.  It's nature's curio shop!  Click these on for size…