stoneware Multi Moonstone gold bracelet

stoneware Multi Moonstone gold bracelet


A delicate hand made bracelet in Multi Moonstone with twig & thorn's signature keyhole clasp.  Available in four individual styles, Made to order:

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  • Tiny 2mm bead bracelet end length, 6.75in.  Measure intended wrist with string to ensure proper fitting.
  • Gold elements mix: gold filled; vermeil; 18k gold over brass with palladium base to extend gold life
  • With Purpose: 10% will be given to support animal charities, rescues, & sanctuaries.


Did you know?

Moonstone represents new beginnings and may amplify emotions during full moons.  It can enhance intuition and lucid dreaming on such nights.  Balancing male-female energies, moonstone may calm overreactions and provide deep emotional stability.  Now that could be extremely helpful!  Read more about the *lore

Your glittering gem choice will arrive ticked & tied as a sweet little package, complete with Pouch, Care Card, & Gem Card.  When not in use, please store in pouch.  May these be a distinctive, heartfelt gift to yourself or someone dear.

Have fun layering in additional styles and colors, all while you learn about the gems.  It's nature's curio shop!  Click these on for size…